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Hon. Sergius Ogun, a member of the Constitution Review Committee in Nigeria’s House of Representatives, has revealed what bandits did to an individual after they discovered he had lied to them to keep away from losing his partner. Sergius Ogun shared the story on Channels TV whereas addressing these urging Nigerians to expose particulars about bandits to the protection companies.

Addressing the topic, Hon. Ogun acknowledged, “The people have done their best and risked their lives to give information to the security agencies regarding bandits.” My colleague from Katsina State suggested me that bandits attacked a house and tried to kidnap an individual and a woman. However, the particular person urged the bandits to free the woman as she was a buyer, and they also obliged.

He continued, “The lady got to a police checkpoint and reported her husband’s abduction to them.” Shortly after the partner reported the kidnap to the police, bandits suggested the individual that he lied to them that the woman at his house was a buyer and by no means his partner. They broke his arm and leg. Who suggested the bandits?

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