Is Papa Jim Dead Or Alive? Twitter Heats Up With Claims

Famously acknowledged for promoting Virginity Rocks tagline for Danny Duncan merch, Papa Jim lack of life data has surfaced on social media. He died aged 92.

Danny Duncan has posted on his Instagram cope with, saying, “Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you, papa Jim, RIP.”

According to Papa’s last Instagram comment and the Twitter data, the online sensation died at 92. 

Just each week once more, the Instagram owned by Papa Jim be taught, ” Quit sleepin on me… Mumbummumbum.” To the counter, his followers have been posting RIP messages and condolences. 

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One of the Instagram clients wrote, ” rip bro, somebody will get him some coke up there.” 

On an equivalent event, Duncan posted an Instagram story with the caption “miss you, papa” alongside {a photograph} of the two collectively in February 2021, prompting speculation that Papa Jim had died.

It turned out that the YouTuber was out of metropolis and hadn’t seen Papa Jim in pretty some time. “A bad choice of words,” one Redditor said of the caption.