Jessie Blodgett Murder: Where is Daniel Bartelt Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Monster: Sing for the Camera’ complies with the terrible as well as monstrous murder of 19-year-old Jessie Blodgett in Hartford, Wisconsin, in July 2013. The detectives had a stunning advancement that led them to the criminal, nevertheless the awesome’s recognition exposed a spin no individual expected. If you’re wanting to regarding identifying additional in relation to the situation, along with the assassin’s recognition as well as existing location, we’ve you covered. Let’s dive in after that, allows?

How Did Jessie Blodgett Die?

Jessie Marietta Blodgett was birthed to Buck as well as Joy Blodgett in Marietta in Cobb County, Georgia, on March 22, 1994. The Blodgett house transferred to Hartford in Washington County, Wisconsin, the location Jessie matured as well as finished from Hartford Union High School in 2012. She approved a differentiated Talent Scholarship from the School of Music Education of the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Her dad, Buck Blodgett, stated just how his child protected an university work mentoring denied urban university university student.

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It was recognized on the here and now just how a proud Jessie instructed 28 more youthful Hartford university student voice, piano, as well as violin courses as well as offered each summertime time on the Central Middle School Orchestra summertime time program. She invested a great deal of the 2013 summertime time creating songs with an extensive buddy as well as showing up within the lead feature of an area movie theater production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Her buddy, Jackie Nyte, recollected just how a whole lot Jessie cherished songs as well as delighting in the piano. She included, “Jessie was a really contagious personality.”

According to the here and now, Jessie shared a truly closed bond together with her mom as well as dad; the 19-year-old spoke easily with them, treating them like companions. Buck stated, “We talked about drugs, we talked about sex, there was nothing off limits.” Hence, when Jessie’s mother, Joy, glanced right into her child’s bed space to examine cross-check her after returning home from benefit lunch on July 15, 2013, she acquired the shock of her life as she found Jessie drab. She described as the authorities, as well as the authorities got here to seek darkish band marks round her neck. The health and wellness employee ended she had actually been raped as well as suffocated to death.

Who Killed Jessie Blodgett?

The existing included Joy’s frenzied 911 name, wherein she pointed out: “My daughter is blue. I went to wake her up and — I just got home from — for lunch — and she won’t wake up.” The detectives found no indicators of forced entrance right into the residence. However, the Blodgetts experienced the authorities that they rarely secured the entrances considering that they trusted their sectarian community. But the investigators have actually been guaranteed someone conversant in the family members had actually committed the grievous criminal activity.

On the here and now, Hartford Police Detective Richard Thickens pointed out, “The house wasn’t ransacked. It looked to us that this person knew right where to go to find her.” The investigators identified to handle Jessie’s last day. Joy advised them just how her child had actually returned home late in the evening time after commemorating her theater production’s success at a swimming pool event with fellow built as well as staff participants on the evening of July 14. She got to home round 12:30 am, as well as Joy asserted she concerned dismayed as well as troubled.

Joy had actually asked for Jessie what happened, to which her teenager child responded, “Oh, the guys, they’re always making passes, and I don’t know why they always have to turn it there.” According to the here and now, 2 middle-aged men, each of their 40s, had actually attempted to tease together with her on the swimming pool event, with one in every of them telling an unsuitable joke whereas the contrary attempted to pull Jessie onto his lap. Jessie’s mom as well as dad discussed their child preserved an extensive journal, as well as she or he had actually also written just how distressing the unfavorable factor to consider was last evening time.

The authorities talked to the people participating in the event as well as quickly found the 2 individuals. While the certain individual splitting the unsuitable joke was quickly controlled out, the policemans believed the contrary male considering that he was missing from deal with the day Jessie was killed. The investigators found him dodgy, nevertheless his cellphone information verified him everywhere near Jessie’s home. The policemans in addition had no physical evidence to link him to the murder, as well as he was lastly controlled out as a suspect.

With no additional evidence or cause seek, the situation was transforming cool when the detectives had a fortunate advancement. According to the here and now, a woman called Melissa Richards had actually whined regarding being assaulted by an individual within the vehicle auto parking area of an area park whereas she had actually been walking her dog. The criminal had a blade, as well as Melissa handled to get away by holding the blade together with her nude fingers. The event occurred a variety of days earlier than Jessie’s murder, as well as Melissa had actually supplied an extensive summary of the foe to the authorities.

According to Melissa’s testament, the criminal was a more youthful man with blonde, shaggy hair, as well as glasses as well as drove a blueDodge Caravan The summary motivated an investigative to keep in mind having actually seen the very same vehicle throughout the park a variety of weeks earlier than. He had well-known down the permit plate enrollment details, as well as the authorities ran it to discover it came from 19-year-oldDaniel Bartelt Detective Joel Clausing of Washington County Sheriff’s Department described as the claimed criminal to seek him at Jessie’s location together with her mom as well as dad.

According to the here and now, Daniel as well as Jessie consumed to currently in highschool as well as had expand to be really closed companions ever since. After verifying he was the criminal that assaulted Melissa with the blade, the policemans began to look for evidence to affix him to Jessie’s murder. Joy stated, “He had everything going for him. He was a top-notch student, a straight-A student. He even got the lead role in most of the musicals, very talented. We said, ‘It’s not Dan. He’s a good kid.’”

Where is Daniel Bartelt Now?

During the examination, a weepy Daniel Bartelt asserted he had absolutely nothing to do with Jessie’s murder as well as went to a park the location he was recorded on monitoring. The detectives rummaged every one of the trash bin to discover a grain area packed packed with ropes that had actually been utilized within the murder, bloody sterilizing wipes, as well as tape. Forensics found Jessie as well as Daniel’s DNA on the ropes, as well as a rape tool tools developed he had actually supposedly raped Jessie.

The authorities in addition found he had Googled regarding serial awesomes as well as saw a troubling x-rated film similar to the murder within the days causing Jessie’s slaying. However, the authorities could not provide an intention for the criminal activity, although the prosecution affirmed Daniel raped as well as eliminated his buddy as an outcome of she had actually been “convenient.” He was punished to life behind bars without any probability at parole in October 2014, although he remained to proclaim his virtue. As of creating, Daniel, in his late 20s, is assumed to be offering his life sentence in some Wisconsin prison.