Who Is Spencer Herron Wife Jennifer Faison? Betrayal Podcast and Victim

Spencer Herron partner Jennifer Faison, is a TV producer and had a beautiful married life collectively together with her school sweetheart. 

Faison investigates the hidden story behind Betrayal, revealing a darkish double life fueled by dozens of incidents. 

Her husband had concurrent affairs with friends, neighbors, and strangers, relationship once more to as soon as they married.

Throughout the podcast, Jenifer painstakingly objects collectively proof, along with texts, photos, and letters from jail.

She speaks with friends, family, and numerous different totally different girls close to Herron, just a few of whom she knew personally.

According to each girl, Spencer used the an identical form of manipulation and gaslighting to justify his philandering.

Spencer Herron was a Kell High School coach serving 5 years in jail after pleading accountable to sexually assaulting a pupil.

According to court docket docket info, Herron, 49, was arrested on June 1, 2018, and pleaded accountable to five counts of sexual assault on a Kell pupil.

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